On the flag of my country...

Trying to come up with a page covering the myriad of topics that encompass a country is impossible! Indeed, it is unlikely that even a whole book could come close to doing so. Hence what you find here can only touch on a minute portion of my nation's culture, heritage, politic's, and people!

I will continue to add to its contents as time goes on, however, it can never be viewed as complete.

New! This is a virtual trip that my son made with some friends to London.
I will start with a few links that have until now been found elsewhere on this site.

Government and the Royal Family

  • The Royal Family - official website of the British Monarchy.
  • Britain in the USA - great information resource that's useful to both Briton's and foreign nationals, particularly of relevence in the USA.
  • Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office - has a number of pages available over the Internet, which you may find interesting.

    Places to go and people to meet.

  • Croydon - Where I was born and lived for the first 20 odd years of my life.
  • Brighton - Seaside town that as a kid my family took the train to, and that is still one of the places that are a must to visit when I go home.
  • Brecon - and when I retire, this is where I've always said I will live.

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