My son's virtual trip to Blighty.

My son and his classmates recently completed a project designed to find out, and share with each other, information about their family's roots. Part of this project involved making a lifesized cardboard cutout of themself and sending it to a relative in another region.

My son chose to send his image 4300 miles away to South London...

So, armed with a camera and their new "flatmate", Nick & Mike went for a joyride around South East London and the surrounding countryside.

Here's what they did!

Dear friend:
I hope these pictures are O.K. and with luck you can return in person without being squashed flat.

This is just after you arrived and were unpacked.

Some of the friends you made at T.S. Dreadnought, NTC, the cadet unit you went to with Mike.

This is the day you went to work with Mike - your second visit to a London Bus Garage.

This is you and Mike on the steps of the OLD Crystal Palace which burned down in 1936. The tower in the background is the Independent Television transmitter which serves London and the Southeast.

This also gives you an idea of the size of the old palace.

Clock House is one of the last few remaining British Rail railway stations left in London. All the others are now owned by Connex Rail, which is a new company.

This is you with Nick at Greenwich. Thought you would like this one; not only is the Cutty Sark there, but this is where time begins (GMT - Greenwich Mean Time).

On to the next visit. This is with Mike & Nick at London's Flood Defense - The Thames Barrier. As you can see, it's very big and according to some people, the river has already gone over the top in the past.

This picture is looking over the barrier. The yellow towers in the background are part of the Millenium Dome.

This is you at Tower Bridge.

and the Tower of London.

Westminster and Big Ben with Guess Who? Yes, it's you!

Time to head home, so here's you and Mike waiting for a bus.

Up at the airport. No, you can't fly home in a Spitfire because it's a World War II fighter plane.

That's more like. This used to be a Royal Air Force aerodrome during World War II, but now it is an International Airport.

That's all! It was a lot of fun to make, but would have been better if you were here.

I wish to thank again Nick & Mike Harris for playing along on this project. They truly went above and beyond the call of duty by making fools of themselves in the name of friendship. I owe you one!

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